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Monday, May 28, 2007

Google Developer Day 2007

I had a few trainings recently,, MS SQL, IBM Domino 7.0. Also I attended a few sessions for Macromedia in recent years. I likes MS ones. Well, the most exciting one, is Google developer Day, so many people are eager to go. In Sydney, its initial seminar was fully booked 1 month before the events. I was pleased knowing the room was changed to hold more audience and my late booking was accepted.

Rather calling it Google day, it is better calling it AJAX day. Back in 2005, after knowing Google map & Google suggest, I tried to use 'suggest' for my enterprise staff lookup. It worked great, I was so amazed to see how fast and powerful it can be used, but it took me very long time to configure it.

Since after, enabling AJAX is much simpler, for example PowerWeb is a nice tool allows developer to develop much quickly. Microsoft's Atlas now (AJAX) is also easy to use. Microsoft's samples make life easy, though not all of them are AJAX.

MS and Google, good work.... Great innovation and make developer's life better.

Google AJAX Search API - Access Google search results from JavaScript apps.
Google AJAX Feed API - Download and mashup public feeds in JavaScript.
Google Data APIs - Read and write data to Google services including Google Calendar and Blogger.
Google Gadgets - Write simple mini-apps for the Google homepage and Google Desktop.
Google Maps API - Embed Google Maps in your own web pages.
Google Web Toolkit - Write AJAX apps in the Java language