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Thursday, June 14, 2007

3 big problems using Flex.

After playing Flex 2 for a while, there are 3 parts I don't like the product.

1. Unable to load animated gif file, the only place I saw the possibility is paying money. (though it is not expensive.)

"There is an updated product page with full information. This is a commercial component for sale for $50.
I’ve updated the API a bit, released the ASDoc documentation, and put together a small Apollo application that will let you test the component to see if it will work with the animated gifs you want to load."

I just can not understand why Adobe can't make it as a part of their product. SWFloader is fine, but comparing with normal AJAX application, animated gif now is easy to produce.

2. Memory leading by using Flex. After running Flex for 1 - 2 hours, memory would go up to 1-1.5 Gb. Even after killing flex, memory is not destroyed.

3. Why not introducing Table in Interface design?