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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Using Flex 2 to Build RSS Feed.

Recently, I spent a few days working on a Flex application for RSS feed. Well, I must admit it is a hard job.

If using HttpServies, Flex can consume the result easily and a few lines a code can do the job well. But it has a major problem, it can not read our all feeds provided by various provider.

So, I decided to go through a hard way, by consuming web services, and to read website and provide web services. xmlTextReader class is quick reading xml from other webpages. Again, it comes to the quesetion, how to write a generic code catering for various node format.

Looking at Google Reader or Google AJAX Blog Feed, it is so powerful to translate the different language well and display it well. -- To make it practically useful, it is really taking lots of efforts.